Pettson & Findus: Roligheter

87 min ( Germany ) | Director: Ali Samadi Ahadi


Pettson and Findus, a sweet Live-Action Animated film based on the illustrated children’s book by Sven Nordqvist is about a little talking cat, chased by a hunter, saved by warm hearted lady (Marianne Sägebrecht from ‘Bagdad Café’) and given to a lonely grandfather who has a hard time to communicate with his chickens. P&LFF 2014 specially set this film as our Kid’s section’s opening film as Ima Nilsson, who does little Findus Swedish voice, will join us to present the film and we will obviously host a Pancake Cake party after the film for all the kids celebrating our free admission Kid’s Films program.

Actors: Ima Nilsson (voice)