Amazonia 3D

83 min ( France/Brazil ) | Director: Thierry Ragobert

IMG_6447 3 Amazonia, a stunning jungle adventure documentary for the whole family, sets a milestone in the history of this festival as the first film to be screened in 3D. As a plane crashes in the Amazonian rain forest a small monkey named Saï, who has spent his entire life in captivity, finds himself the wilderness of the Brazliian jungle, which is inhabited by a large number of exotic beasts. In his natural environment Saï experiences joy and exitment, dangers and even love. We are proud to have the Nordic premiere of this film as a part of the P&L FF 2014 Children’s section lineup as it with great care to detali both entertains and educates its young audience and takes them into a new world of nature’s marvels – presented in the most beautiful way and tastefully enhanced with the 3D effects. The screening is followed by an exotic party for all little monkeys!