10 Milliarden

107 min ( Germany ) | Director: Valetin Thurn


How can enough food be produced for 10 billion people? Two camps claim to know the answer. One of them is for industrial farming, which relies on ultra-efficient mass production and which is continuing to expand globally. The other supports organic and traditional agriculture. The film shows the global interactions in agriculture by interviewing people involved in the key areas of production: seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, animal feed production, animal husbandry, wholesale and retail. We’re all active consumers – and 10 Billion – what will we eat tomorrow? provides a sound basis helping us decide how to act.

Hur kan tillräckligt mycket mat produceras för 10 miljarder människor? Industriell odling som förlitar sig på ultraeffektiv massproduktion står mot organiskt traditionell jordbruk. Filmen visar det globala samspelet inom jordbruk genom intervjuer med experter inom områdena.