Still Life

Still Life

87 min ( UK, Italy ) | Director: Uberto Pasolini


John May is a council worker whose job is to find the next of kin of those who have died alone. Meticulous to the point of obsession, he goes beyond the call of duty to see a job through. Only when all leads have been checked and all doors shut will he organise the funeral of his forgotten “clients”, for whom he chooses the appropriate music and writes eulogies, which no one but him will hear. 

His life is neat, calm and ordered till his new case, the elderly alcoholic called Billy Stoke has been found dead. When May visits the flat to search for clues to his neighbour’s life, he sees the mirror image of his own – except that Stoke’s is full of rubbish bags and dirty dishes. As May starts to research Billy Stoke’s life his boss brings devastating news: the department is being downsized, and John May is being made redundant. What will he do without his job, without his routine?

Actors: Eddie Marsan, Joanne Froggatt



96 min ( Canada / India ) | Director: Richie Mehta


A 12 year old boy Siddharth, sent to work in the north of India, has gone missing and never returned home for holiday. His worrying parents report to the police without any picture or proper desciption of him. The father decide to go to look for him wherever he might be, but the travel is too costy for this poor family and precious time is being lost. This heart tormenting suspense drama showing the contrasts of the world we live in, is directed by Canada based Indian director Richie Mehta, who has shot another film at Toronto the same year, which is about time travel and a missing father. A very rare upcoming talented director that we for sure will hear more about him in the future.        

Actors: Rajesh Tailang, Tannishtha Chatterjee

The Way He Looks

The Way He Looks

98 min ( Brazil ) | Director: Daniel RIBEIRO


Leonardo is an adorable blind teenager dealing with an overprotective mother while trying to live a more independent life. To the disappointment of his best friend, Giovana, he plans to go on an exchange program abroad. When Gabriel, a new student appears in their classroom, pairing to work together with Leo on a school asignment, new feelings blossom in both Leo and Gabriel’s hearts, making Leo question about his plans and appreciate Gabriel’s courage despite of everyone’s immature judgement. 

Actors: Ghilherme Lobo, Fabio Audi

Home (Hemma)

Home (Hemma)

90 min ( Sweden / Iceland ) | Director: Maximilian Hult


Lou, an intelligent and shy young woman having problems to socialize with anyone shockingly finds out that her grandfather just passed away while she was told by her mother that her grandparents were since long dead. Against her mother’s will, Lou goes to her grandfather’s funeral where she meets her grandmother Christine and Christine’s friend Henrik and a boy named Tom. Christine hides from her greave, helps Tom to find his calling, and matching Henrik with Lou, who as usual hides herself behind of work until she finally appreciate what she has. 

Actors: Moa Gammel, Simon J. Berger, Lia Boysen, Erik Lundqvist

Ice Poison (Bing Du)
Ice Poison POSTER red for web 0121

Ice Poison (Bing Du)

95 min ( Taiwan / Myanmar ) | Director: Midi Z

Ice Poison_[Sheng-Siang Fan]_1

One of world’s best upcoming indie film directors, Midi Z’s, newest film provokes the cliché image of drugs. In Myanmar, opium plantation and the drug market are part of everyday life for a big number of people who has no official identity. A poor farmer pawns his cow for a moped so that his son can earn a living as a taxi driver. A woman back home from China to bury her grandfather, decides not to return to her arranged marriage, and starts to work as a drug runner to earn money so she can get her young son back to live with her and to start a new life.          

Actors: Wu Ke-Xi, Wang Shin-Hong

No Thank You (Ei kiitos)

No Thank You (Ei kiitos)

97 min ( Finland ) | Director: Samuli Valkama


42 year old Heli loves her husband Matti, but Matti has a psychological blockage for sex and spends all his time playing video games and in chat rooms. When all the sweet talk and sexy dresses won’t help their marriage, Heli meets a sexy young man who seduces her, satisfies her lonely desire and the need to cheat on her husband. “No Thank You” a romatic comedy directed by the Finish’s upcoming and very talented director Samuli Valkama and the charming actress Anu Sinisalo’s first main role, is sensitively refined and vulnerably attaching.    

Actors: Anu Sinisalo, Ville Virtanen, Kai Vaine

Weekends in Normandy

Weekends in Normandy

90 min ( France ) | Director: Anne VILLACÈQUE


Sylvette & Ulrich, Christine & Jean are the best friends forever. They not only purchased their houses side by side in Normandy, they also have 2 children of similar age in each family. When everything seems to be going perfectly well, Jean suddently decideds to leave Christine for another woman, which totally destroys this little perfect paradise. Their best friends Sylvette & Ulrich not only witness and accompany Christine coping through her pain and doubt, they also need to face Jean’s girlfriend who starts spending time at the weekend house. They feel obliged to welcome Jean’s girlfriend but they don’t want to betray Christine’s feeling either. “Weekends in Normandy” is a funny and cute romantic comedy by one of France’s upcoming female director Anne Villacèque. The story is very well written, all casts are very naturally attaching, and Villacèque’s direction is very creative and classic at the same time.  

Actors: Karin Viard, Noémie Lvovsky, Jacques Gamblin

South is Nothing

South is Nothing

90 min ( Italy, France ) | Director: Fabio Mollo


Multi-Award nominated 2nd film by Italian new generation director Fabio Mollo. “South is Nothing” tells a story of a single father fish marchand family living at the south of Italy is coping with the disappearance of a very promising son, while they’re trying to survive from the local mafia monopolizing their life. Italy’s 2014 Shooting Star Miriam Karlkvist marked herself as a tomboy teenager daughter Grazia, who’s mother ran away and has hard time to deal with her brother also went missing. When the local mafia pushes Grazia’s father out of business and force them to move for Grazia’s future, the hard truth unveiled while Grazia falls in love for the first time.

Actors: Miriam Karlkvist