Master Classes, Workshops

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Master class: Mary Ramos – ’The Art of finding and clearing music for Quentin Tarantino’
Moderator: Mark Frieser

Los Angeles based Music Supervisor Mary Ramos has helped to create the musical identity for over 100 films over the past 20 years, including all Quentin Tarantinos films since ’Pulp Fiction’. In this master class she will share her experience and insights working with one of the most acclaimed directors of our time – and her work in Television.


Work in Progress: Johnny von Wallström – “Pearl of Africa”

Photographer and film maker Johnny von Wallström is shooting a documentary in Uganda that captures the story of a young transsexual persons struggle to become accepted as a woman. His beautiful and very excitting film project that has  already gained interest from Swedish TV, Swedish film institute and Al Jazeera. Presented with Falu Pride.


Editing Workshop: Martin Hunter

Film editor Martin Hunter, though based in Dalarna and Los Angeles, has the world as his workplace and has lately been working in Montreal and New York. In this workshop he shares more than 25 years of experience through clips from his first film as an editor, Stanley Kubrick’s ’Full Metal Jacket’ as well as ’Kalifornia’, ’Event Horizon’ and ’Chronicles of Riddick’


Workshop:  Jonas Eriksson – “Media for change”

Journalist and photographer Jonas Eriksson is Chair of the non-profit association Föreningen Peace & Love and has since the end of the 90’s commited himself to work with societal issues.

With ’Budrus’ by Julia Bacha – an unusual solution in a conflict area, he hosts a panel discussion on media as a tool for changing society.


Workshop: Mark Frieser – ”Licensing music for Film and TV”

Join in as Mark Frieser, founder and chairman of SyncSummit, shares his expertice knowledge in licensing music for film – a hands on workshop for filmmakers, musicians, film- and music students in Dalarna and beyond!


Workshop: Eiffel Mattsson & Mikael Cross – “Vitt skräp”

Hear producers Eiffel Mattsson and Mikael Cross talk about the process of shooting in Dalarna in this ’Vitt Skräp’ (’White Trash) work in progress presentation by the producers of the film. A must go for all Swedish film makers!