P&LFF 2015 Award Winners

Winners of Peace and Love Film Festival 2015.

Photograph taken by Marko Niemi.

We are proud to announce the award winners of 2015’s P&L Film Festival!

The Jury:
Katinka Farago
Dana Gourrier
Alexander Dunérfors

P&LFF 2015 Winners:

Best Documentary: 10 Billion – What’s on Your Plate.

Best Kid’s Film: Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism.

Best Short Film: French Touch.

Best Actor: Jérémie Renier.

This actor carried this film with commendable strength and authority. His natural intensity and commitment to the huge task at hand was executed so well that we are honored to choose him as our Best Actor for the 2015 Peace and Love Film Festival. Jérémie Renier. The Wakhan Front.

Best Actress: Shira Haas.

Her performance was accomplished with such grace and devotion that we could not take our eyes off of her. The actress had a depth so huge that it is unbelievable she is quite so young. We foresee a great future for this young lady. This year’s Peace & Love Film Festival’s Best Actress Award is given to Shira Haas for her extraordinary work in Princess.

Best Directon: Anders Rune.

This first time director created an astonishing space for his process and these incredible actor. We rarely have the pleasure to witness such chemistry and natural relationships. It is a heartfelt love story that affected us all.He had the vision and courage to explore the universal need for love. We are proud to award Sweden’s own Anders Rune with the 2015 Peace and Love Film Festival Best Director Award.

Best Film: The Wakhan Front.

This film has won the Peace and Love Film Festival’s Best Picture prize do to its incredible bravery and haunting perspective. The film consistently walked the balance of mysticism and psychosis. It was highly intense and suspenseful. We watched from the edge of our seats the entire film. It is a war film like we haven’t seen before. The Wakhan Front.

Visionary Award: I Am Michael (Justin Kelly).

Imagine a world of Peace & Love with more understanding and less conflict, a song we can all hum and there is more than little we can do as a visionary film festival – not only celebrating the peace and love in each one of the films we select but to truly honour visions that show the future of a world we all dream about. The winner of this year’s inaugural Peace & Love Film Festival Visionary Award is ‘I Am Michael’ by Justin Kelly for it’s vision of the right to love.

Last but not least, our jury consisting of Katinka Farago, Dana Gourrier and Alexander Dunérfors choose two winners among the feature films. These two winners were:

Jury Prize #1: Marina Nyström.

This actress was exceptionally convincing. Her attention to detail and her dedication to this character’s journey was awe-inspiring. Her openness and sincerity allowed her to naturally become the character. This year’s first jury prize goes to Marina Nyström for her outstanding work in Aerobics: A love Story.

Jury Prize #2: Antti Heikki Pesonen.

Peace and Love Trophies

Photograph taken by Shumaï Chou.

The second jury prize goes to a writer/director for his screenplay. This artist wrote a body of work filled with intelligent wit, complex characters and relationships. We laughed, and felt sincere empathy for this Finnish Tale of misery and humour. Our Antti Heikki Pesonen.

This is what Antti Heikki Pesonen had to said about winning an award:

I would like to thank everybody on the festival staff for screening our film “Headfirst” and the lovely Jury for giving our Film this award. Making a film is a hard journey so moments like these are special and make it worth it. Kiitos! By the way that’s Finnish for “thank you” although if you don’t know the language you would never know if I’m telling the truth and I just might be pulling your leg. So please enroll on a Finnish language curse so that more people will learn to speak Finnish and it will be easier for us Finns to fund our films with foreign money as there will be less need to put subtitles on Finnish pictures. Yours truly, Antti Heikki Pesonen.