P&LFF 2015 – Kids


This year we have a lineup of films for the younger audience that also can interest every inner child in the adults. Come to meet the director of the swedish film Det borde finnas regler (There ought to be rules) or to meet the writer Georiga Byng after the screening of Molly Moon and the incredible book of hypnotism. We can also offer the Academy Award nominee Song of the sea and the warm Nono – the zigzag kid. Welcome to Filmstaden in Örebro!

Please, to secure your seat at a screening, send an email to emma.akerlind@orebrofilmfestival.se

Song of the sea
Director: Tomm Moore
Language: Swedish (original: Irish)
93 min
30/8, Sunday, 16.30 at Filmstaden, Örebro

Det borde finnas regler (There ought to be rules)
Director: Linda-Maria Birbeck
Language: Swedish
89 min
31/8, Monday, 13.00 at Filmstaden, Örebro

Molly Moon and the incredible book of hypnotism
Director: Christopher N. Rowley
Language: English (subtitles: swedish)
98 min
1/9, Tuesday, 13.00 at Filmstaden, Örebro
Already full

Nono – the zigzag kid
Director: Vincent Bal
Language: Dutch, English, French (subtitles: swedish)
95 min
2/9, Wednesday, 13.00 at Filmstaden, Örebro