Review: Ant-Man

ladda ned (8)

Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) has made up his mind to turn his life to the better. His time as a thief is over and his focus is now to become the father his daughter deserves. As it turns out, turning your life around isn’t that easy when no one in society trusts you. Therefor, Scott agrees to make one last hit so he can get the money he needs to move on. A hit that changes his life. Instead of getting money, he ends up with a weird costume that makes him become Ant-Man, a small superhero the size of an ant. Before he knows it he’s got a job where he has to once again become a thief in order to save the world.

After “Avengers: Age of Ultron” I became a bit worried that Marvel had lost the focus of the story for more action based films. With “Ant-Man” however they prove me wrong. Nothing is left to chance and everything in the story has a meaning. Sometimes some of them seem to be there only to fill out the space, but in the end they always contribute with something. Often with humor. Marvel are known for mixing action with humor, but this film is almost half a comedy. As a big fan of Paul Rudd I’m thankful for the fact that Marvel used his comic timing. “Ant-Man” is just as much superhero movie filled with action as it’s one of the best drama-comedies Rudd has starred in.

One nice touch of the story is the father/daughter relationship that’s constantly in the center. Scott makes everything for his daughter which is the reason he gets the job as Ant-Man. His boss, Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), hires him in order to protect his own daughter Hope (Evangeline Lily). The relationship between Hank and Hope is the same relationship Scott will have with his daughter if he doesn’t succeed in his mission and therefor miss the chance of being in her life. My only wish would be that they would’ve skip the love-relationship between Scott and Hope. It’s only there cause it’s standard for it to be there. In this case the story would’ve become stronger without it.

Marvel has long showed it’s love for action and humor. Now, with “Ant-Man”, they put down their foot and make a statement for the ongoing superhero-war with DC that only will grow next year. I only hope they continue to keep focus on the story over a lot of computer made action. After all, that’s when Marvel shines.

– Emma Åkerlind