Review: Kung Fury


“The city of Miami is a dark place writhed with crime. A cop in a police car stops three bare chested, bandana wearing, skin jacket, classic 80th gangsters and ask if they have a permit for their guns. One of the gangsters puts his skateboard under the cop car and as he flips the car high up in the air he answers “I got your permit right here” whiles the gangster shreds it with a hail of bullets until it explodes.”

Written, directed and starring David Sandberg, Kung Fury is a stupid, dumb ridiculous, funny brilliant and fantastic homage to 80th movies. Set in 1987, arcade games has become so advanced that they have evolved a mind of their own, killing everything without any regards for law and order, the world needs a hero. Hit by lightning, bitten by a cobra a super cop becomes the ultimate Kung Fu master, Kung Fury. Now he must travel back in time to kill the worst criminal of all time, Kung Führe.

In an interview in SVT’s podcast TV Heads, the films coordinator Amanda Björk and the producer Linus Andersson talked about the films advanced 3D and demanding VFX work. And the great looking end result of the micro-budget-film film really proves the enormous amounts of time and works that’s has been put into the film. After the YouTube trailer release, fans all over the world went wild and the trailer got over 11,000,000 views. So it’s no wonder the Kickstarter campaign exceeded its goal of $200,000 and got over $630,019. In the end the budget for the 30 minute film was still small but the result is so amazing you know that only real enthusiasts with the support of dedicated fans could have made the film.

Many of the financiers of the film were such fans, when the opportunity arrived to be extras in the film, for a fee of $600, they came to Sweden from all over the world, paying for their own flights and lodging just to be a part of Kung Fury. Many of them stayed at David Sandberg’s mother “grandma Fury” who runs a cozy hostel near town.

And let’s not forget the films soundtrack “True Survivor” written by Swedish hit maker Jörgen Elofsson, performed by no other than 80th actor and artist David Hasselhoff who was described by the crew as very tall, very enthusiastic and very down to earth.

If you like 80th movies, old videogames, the internet, dinosaurs, robots, Vikings, explosions, one-liners and if you like to laugh you should find 30 minutes to watch Kung Fury.

– Thomas Tjerngren