Peace & Love Film Festival – P&LFF 2013 Awards



Best Film – Jeunesse (Youth) by Justine Malle
This film is a sensitive, self-confident portrayal of the way its main character deals with a period of personal turmoil. Its deliberately formal style balances emotion and irrationality in a way which effectively engages the audience.

Best Director – Chang Jung-Chi – Touch of the Light
A director who uses fluid camerawork, a rich sound spectrum, seamlessly integrated music and fine performances from a well-cast ensemble to tell the story of the central character’s journey to overcome his obstacles and fulfill his dreams.

Best Talent – Esther Garrel – Jeunesse (Youth)
An actor whose performance brings to life in an expressive and natural fashion a complex character facing life-changing challenges. The Best Talent award, for a daring and touching performance.

Jury Prize – Editing – Rickard Krantz – Tyskungen (The Hidden Child)
An editor whose work included exciting and engaging action scenes alongside well-timed dialogue scenes to take the audience with clarity on a journey spanning six decades.

Jury Prize – Script – Ryota Nakano – Capturing Dad
A screenwriter and director for his original and surprising story of two children dealing with the death of their father. For a script which is lucid and unexpectedly witty.

The jury would like to Specially Mention:
Anna Gunndís Guðmundsdótti (actress) – Frost
Mikko Nousiainen (actor) – Body Fat Index of Love

Best Short Film – Undocumented (Rétention) by Thomas Kruithof.
An outstanding craftsmanship, sound, image and lighting all imbedded in an engaging story which sadly is not just a reflection of our time but also an important issue that needs to be addressed over and over again in our modern world today. Undocumented give us insight into questions around immigration, it’s frustrations, tragedies and helplessness for all sides involved. Nothing is simple Black and white but rather a depressing zone of Grey and all this has Thomas Krutithof manage to emerge us in under the framework of 14 min.